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Tuner Depot Tuners H&S Mini Maxx EGR/DPF/DEF Delete Tuner Tuner Depot Tuners H&S Mini Maxx EGR/DPF/DEF Delete Tuner
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H&S Performance Mini Maxx Race Tuner | DPF Delete Tuner

Tuner depot recommends this tuner for those looking for the most cost-effective delete tuner that will run clean, smoke-free tunes and provide a little extra performance.  For those looking for more power, we recommend one of our custom-tune tuners.  Please reach out to our sales team for more information.




The Mini Maxx is one of the best (and most affordable!) delete tuners available. The Mini Maxx DPF delete race tuner comes pre-loaded with tunes for a variety of different trucks, making it a great choice for those looking to do a DPF, DEF, and EGR delete.

If you're looking for a tuner that will allow you to delete all of your emission components while ensuring that you don't have any check engine lights or DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes), the H&S Mini Maxx is the tuner for you. The device comes preloaded with tunes.

Introducing the next generation of diesel downloaders from H&S that offers everything a diesel owner could want, all in one high-tech unit. 

What kind of diesel trucks could be deleted by the Mini Maxx tuner?

  • 2007.5-2017 Dodge RAM & 6.7L Cummins
  • 2008-2019 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L & 6.7L
  • 2007.5-2016 GM Duramax 6.6L*

*Please note: 2013-2021 RAM trucks only have one power level, new power tunes are in the works and will be updated in the future. This tune is limited to 20PSI*

*LML Duramax do not register boost levels, a fix is being worked on* (MAP sensor not being read).  Dual fuel tanks on Cab & Chassis are not supported.  LGH trucks are not supported*

Please see here for all known issues BEFORE ordering





Performance Mini Maxx Race Tuner and Fuel Economy

The Mini Maxx is a great option for those drivers looking to save on fuel. Most truck owners who installed the Mini Maxx have reported a substantial increase in mpg, sometimes up to 5 miles per gallon when paired with the correct DPF delete pipe and EGR block-off kit. Installing the Mini Maxx is simple and is among the fastest ways to remove all the emissions restrictions.

People using the Mini Maxx never look back.

Is it legal to have a Mini Maxx Tuner installed in your truck? What about the emissions?

Please note that the Mini Maxx race tunes are designed for off-road use only.

If you live in a country without such requirements, the Mini Maxx is a great option for tuning your truck cheaply.

What does a Mini Maxx Tuner do?

The Mini Maxx tuner is a device that is used to improve the performance of diesel engines. It does this by increasing the power and torque of the engine, as well as improving the fuel economy. The Mini Maxx tuner is available for Ford, Dodge, and GM trucks. It can be installed in just a few minutes, and it is easy to use.

By installing this state-of-the-art DPF delete race tuner you will be able to delete the following emission systems:

DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter

Easily delete the components of your DPF system. The Mini Maxx allows you to remove all the components of your truck's DPF system while turning off all the codes for the related sensors, eliminating any check engine lights. 

EGR: Exhaust Gas Re-circulation 

Mini Maxx v2 disables the EGR function and any related check engine lights and DTCs.

It will work if you leave the EGR system installed (run with the EGR system) and it will also work if you install an EGR block kit. Works in conjunction with an EGR block.

No more leaks from the EGR system! Yes say goodbye to coolant leaks from the EGR!

DEF: Diesel Exhaust Fluid

This tuner will allow you to turn your urea injection system off completely, which will allow you to remove the tank and all related sensors. This is a great option for those that want to remove the extra weight from their vehicle or those that are having problems with the system.

Note: ULSD (Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel) is not required if you have the Mini Maxx installed on your truck. You can now feel safe using high sulfur diesel, something that will make you happy if you live in an area where it is hard to find ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

Mini Maxx offers the flexibility of turning your truck into a more capable and economical vehicle.

Mini Maxx comes with:

  • Delete tuner
  • OBD Connection box
  • HDMI Cable to run from the connection box to the tuner
  • Power adapter
  • Micro SD to USB Adapter
  • Fuse tap
  • Suction cup mount
  • USB cable
  • Mini Maxx emission removal tunes
  • This tuner is ONLY for deleted trucks, there is no option to run emissions.
  • Tunes for off-road & race use only***

Mini Maxx DPF DeleteRace Tuner Features:

  • Allows removal of the DPF system and ALL related sensors (nothing needs to go into the race exhaust) 
  • Remove / Adjust top speed limiter
  • Speedometer recalibration for use of non-stock size tires or gearing
  • Allows removal of the entire EGR system including cooler with no trouble codes
  • Turn off EGR without removing ANY parts
  • Read / Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Internet updateable with included SD Memory Card and USB Cable
  • Digital gauges to monitor 20+ parameters

How to update the Mini Maxx Tuner?

You can find any available updates for your device here. Instructions on installing the h&s Mini Maxx are also available on the manufacturer's website.

Check for Mini Maxx delete updates for Dodge Cummins (6.7l Cummins), 6.4l Powerstroke, etc



Duramax 6.6L  (2500-5500) 07.5-10 Y Y A & M
Duramax 6.6L (2500-5500) 11-16 Y N


Powerstroke 6.7L  (F250-F550) 08-10 Y Y A & M

Powerstroke 6.7L (F250-F350)

11-16 N Y


Powerstroke 6.7L (F250-F350) 17-19 N N ALL
Cummins 6.7L (RAM 2500-5500) 07.5-09 Y Y ALL
Cummins 6.7L (RAM 2500-3500) 10-12 N Y ALL
Cummins 6.7L (RAM 2500-5500) 13-17 Y Y


Cummins 6.7L (RAM 2500-5500) 18-21 Y Y



*C&C = Cab & Chassis
*SOTF = Shift On The Fly (switch power levels without reflashing the PCM)
*2018-2021 RAM trucks include a BYPASS CABLE 


Please see here for all known issues BEFORE ordering

*Stock pyro will not work, you can add a BD Pyrometere kit here. 


Vehicle Fitment:
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 2500 & 3500HD 6.6L Duramax pickup trucks. Will not fit Cab & Chassis trucks.


Description: This 4" race pipe allows removal of the catalytic converter and DPF filter from the exhaust system for off-road



  • 4" stainless steel piping 
  • OE style hangers for easy installation
  • Maximum flow for competition applications
  • No bungs
  • Requires cutting of the factory exhaust
  • Does Not Fit Late Model 2015s with 3 Bolt Flange


 Add a 4" muffler here
**Requires race tuning**

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