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RAM dealers are updating customer PCMs with new software that adds a new security protocol which leads to tuners not being able to flash these PCMs.

If you take your RAM into a dealer make sure to tell them not to flash your PCM, if they flash the PCM it will revert it back to stock settings causing you to lose your tune and likely be unable to retune the truck.  If this happens on a deleted truck, the truck will not run right, you will have all sorts of error messages, DTCs and will be forced to put your emissions systems back on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our shipping warehouse is based in the Pacific Northwest, we ship internationally with the majority of our orders shipping within North America

Tuner Depot is open 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) weekdays, Monday through Friday except Canadian holidays. 

We are available by phone, email, or chat.  We are available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM PST.  During busy times we may not be able to answer every phone call so if you are having a hard time getting through please email us or use the online chat function.



For sales-related emails:sales

For general tech support emails:


For EFI Live support emails:


Let's start with the basics, DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter, it is a filter located in the exhaust system and its job is to scrub soot from the exhaust gases and store them in a canister.

DEF stands for Diesel Engine Fluid, this is a urea-based fluid that is stored in a tank and usually has a filler located next to the diesel filler.  This system works similarly to the DPF system and also scrubs soot and stores them in a canister located in the exhaust system. 

Both of these systems will then burn off the excess soot by going into regen mode.

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation and this system takes some of the exhaust gases leaving the combustion chamber and reintroduces them into the intake system to re-burn the exhaust to clean out more pollutants.  Both of these systems are part of the emissions systems in late model diesel vehicles and are required for road-going vehicles.

What are the downsides of these systems?

Both of these systems have dirty exhaust gases flowing through them and are bound to get clogged by deposits.  The DPF system being clogged will cause your truck to go into regen mode which limits the power and speed allowed, the engine will then start to inject diesel into the chamber to super-heat it.  There have been fires reported from a truck in regen mode being parked on farmer fields, both of these emissions systems add extra heat into the exhaust and combustion chamber.  The extra heat will reduce power and increase fuel use. 

Excessive idling of a diesel engine will cause these systems to clog faster.  Those that use their trucks for agricultural or race applications don't need to meet emissions standards and would consider a deal for the benefits of an increase in power, an increase in fuel economy and better reliability with lower maintenance costs. 

First, we don't condone removing emissions systems on a road-going vehicle and is illegal in certain countries.

If you are exempt from these laws and want to get rid of these systems that came on the vehicle from the factory, you will need need to remove the DPF/DEF filters from the exhaust system and recalibrate the PCM using a delete-capable tuner.  The EGR system will be disabled by this recalibration and all the DPF/DEF/EGR error codes that would trigger a check engine light will also be disabled by this calibration.  

The DPF/DEF system will need to be physically removed from the vehicle but the EGR system is optional.  The EGR system uses a heat exchanger to exchange the heat from the hot exhaust gases into the engines cooling system by running the engine coolant through a radiator-like device but instead of regular air passing through it to cool the coolant, it has hot exhaust gases flowing through it to cool them down before they reenter the combustion chamber.  These systems can wear out causing them to crack and leak engine coolant into the combustion chamber which can cause anything from poor running conditions to a blown engine. 

To summarize, you need:

It would also be wise to add an EGR delete kit

We offer both aluminized steel and stainless steel exhaust kits.  Aluminized steel is an aluminum-silicon alloy coating added to mild steel which assures a tight metallurgical bond between the steel sheet and its aluminum coating, producing a material with a unique combination of properties that are not possessed by steel or aluminum alone.

Our stainless pipes are T409 which is the industry standard. T409 is a metal designed primarily for the automotive exhaust industry, brands such as Flowmaster, Invidia, Borla, etc use T409 as the standard exhaust material. T409 has a chromium content of 10-12% and a nickel content of roughly 0.50%.  T409 will not resist corrosion as well as T304 in areas where roads are often salted.  

Our exhaust tips and mufflers are produced from T304 stainless steel.  T304 is the highest quality stainless steel used in the automotive world, is better at resisting corrosion, and can be easily mirror-polished.  Our mufflers and exhaust tips are always polished T304 stainless steel unless otherwise stated. 

We do our best to keep our online inventory accurate, items will show "Pre-Order" when we sell out.  There are rare times where when our inventory will show one (1) quantity of an item in stock and there that product is either missing or damaged.  Chances are if our website shows an item available to purchase, it is in stock.  If we are out of stock of an item but have it on order with our supplier, we will have it available for Pre-Order. 

If you are in a rush for a product and need to know availability beyond doubt, please email us with the part number or SKU and we will have someone physically check the warehouse. 

We offer specific out-of-stock items available for pre-order.  When an item is out of stock and pre-order is available you will see a green circle with "Pre-Order" written inside.  We offer pre-orders on items that are out of stock but on order with the manufacturer. These items are available to purchase and will be shipped as soon as they arrive. 

If we have one of our all-in-one bundles on pre-order it likely means that one or more of the items in that bundle is out of stock.  When you pre-order a bundle we will ship out the items of that bundle that are in stock, for example, if you pre-order a bundle containing a tuner, delete pipe, and EGR delete kit and the EGR delete kit is out of stock, we will still ship the tuner and delete pipe. 

We aim to process all orders placed before 11AM PST the same day [Monday-Friday]  (if you place your order over the weekend the time starts on Monday)

Please do not send inquiries until 2 business days have passed.

Your shipping method does not affect when your order is processed and shipped, all orders are processed in the order they are placed.  Your shipping speed comes into affect when UPS picks up the package.  Express shipping will cut delivery time down substantially. 

Standard shipping has a transit time of 5-8 business days, Express shipping has a transit time of 2-3 business days. 

We ship from the Pacific Northwest, the further you are, the longer it takes with Standard Shipping.

Your tracking number will come in an emailed invoice once the order has shipped.  As stated above, this is generally within 4 business days of placing your order.

If 4 business days have passed since you placed your order please contact us to see if there is a shipping delay or the email address you have provided during the order process is invalid. 

We receive tracking within 1 business day of an order being shipped, we then add that to your invoice and email you the invoice.  The packages do not get scanned when the driver picks up the packages from our warehouse, they get scanned once the package arrives at the local UPS warehouse.

If more than 2 business days have passed and the status has not changed, please contact us. 

Our fulfillment center is located near Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Everything that isn't drop-shipped comes from this facility, items that don't ship from here are brands like S&B Filters, Mishimoto, and ARP.  

We ship to anywhere in North America and can ship beyond that if you email us first. 

We only collect tax for Canadian shipments, any international shipments do not get charged taxes by Tuner Depot.  It is up to the receiver to pay their local taxes.

International orders may be subject to brokerage fees, duties, or other fees.  These type of fees are completely out of our control and we cannot predict whether any fees will come up or how much they will be.  It is up to the buyer to pay these fees

Order confirmations are sent automatically once you complete payment for your order.

We have tested this system to have a 100% success rate, if you did not receive an order confirmation the most likely cause is filtering by your email provider marking the email as Spam.

The only other reason you didn't receive a confirmation is due to a typo when entering your email address during the ordering process. 

Once we have tracking information we will add that tracking number into your invoice and email it to you at that time.  

We accept returns of unused products within 30 days of shipping,  except on custom-tuned products. You need to get an RMA# before sending anything back or it will not be accepted.  Any opened items cannot be returned but an exchange for faulty product is accepted. 

Please see the following page for further information:

You can either refuse the shipment or accept it and contact us.

We need pictures of the product before you open it and after opening it to show the condition of the items so we can open a shipping claim.

The most likely items to be damaged during shipping are the exhaust pipes due to the weight of the products and fragility of the pipe.  The exhaust kits contain many parts and it's very likely that only the piping itself will be damaged in which case we can send just the piping as a replacement. 

Once an order has been placed it cannot be canceled.  You can still file a return according to the return policy. 

When you complete your order, our system processes it right away and creates a shipping label which is paid on the spot.  We cannot get this shipping back or refund it, if your order has shipped before we get your call or read your email you must wait til you receive it and then request an RMA and ship it back.  If we hear from you before it left, we can attempt to cancel it but the shipping cannot be refunded so you will be out of the shipping costs.

Please make sure you are ready before finalizing your order, if you have any questions before ordering, call or email in and we will be happy to help you make sure you get exactly what you need. 

Tech Support

We do not offer any technical support.  If you are not 100% confident in your ability to install and troubleshoot any issues you should have a trained diesel-mechanical handle the installation and troubleshooting.  

You are still welcome us with your issue and we will do our best to support you but we do not have diesel mechanics on staff and cannot always offer the support needed to deal with electronic troubleshooting. 

Whenever a diesel truck is tuned for increased power (even the power frees up after a delete) the transmission needs to relearn the new torque values. 

The transmission will take 2-4 days (depending on how much it's driven) to relearn the new parameters and shift points. 

68RFE specific:

If your 2010+ RAM is equipped with the 68RFE automatic transmission, you must perform a re-learn procedure each time the ECM is flashed, even if you aren't loading transmission tuning.  To perform the procedure after the ECM is flashed, drive the truck and apply no more than 30% throttle for at least 25-30 miles.  It is important that the transmission shifts up and down as much as possible during this period. 

NOTE: The 25-30 miles is to re-establish the CVI values.  It is common for these transmissions to take 400-500 miles or more to settle down.  Sustained highway speeds should be avoided for the first 25-30 miles.  If you purchased a TCM tune for your 2007.5-2009 68RFE equipped RAM, you must perform the same relearn process upon installation of the TCM

Ford R6140 Specific:

The Ford 6R140 automatic transmission has what is called "Adaptive Memory" and is constantly learning and adapting to different horsepower levels, temperatures, driving habits, etc.  During the download process, the Transmission Adaptive Memory is automatically reset when the download completes.  We highly recommend performing a Transmission Relearn procedure after installing the Mini Maxx to help the transmission perform correctly with the added horsepower.  The 6R140 automatic transmission will eventually learn over time on its own, but the relearn procedure gives a good baseline for the adaptive learning and helps to speed up the learning process.  To perform the relearn procedure, please follow these instructions:

When re-training the transmission, ALWAYS follow the posted speed limits.  Do not attempt runs in adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice, rain, wind, or any other conditions that may affect your vehicles traction or impair your visibility!

After Mini Maxx tuning is installed, perform each of the following 0-80 MPH runs while in the HOT power level.  During this relearn process, you may experience hesitation during shifts, hard shifts, or defuel patterns, all of which are normal:

  • 0-80 MPH @ 25% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.
  • 0-80 MPH @ 50% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.
  • 0-80 MPH @ 100% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.

The Transmission Relearn procedure is complete. 

We do not offer tech support.  We are a retailer, not an installer therefor we don't have experience installing these products.  All of the products we sell should be installed by a trained professional.

If you have an issue with EFI Live, contact the tech support email in the instruction sheet.

The instructions are included in the box, here is a copy:


Please ensure that you have installed the tune using your EFILive AutoCal device before removal of any emissions components.

Please note support hours are limited to Monday to Friday, with tune revisions within a few hours. On weekends this may increase wait time.

Not all trucks are made equal and may require additional adjustment to the custom calibration once received. If the calibration present on the EFI Live AutoCal V3 unit you have purchased is not accurate to your vehicle (check engine lights, de-rate, etc.), please contact to receive a new calibration with your specific demands and vehicle specification.

How to install into vehicle:

  1. Plug in supplied OBD2 cable into AutoCal device.

  2. Plug opposite end of OBD2 cable into vehicle’s OBD2 port.

  3. Once the device has powered on, scroll to the Tune menu and press Enter (Check button).

  4. Select the Tuning menu option.

  5. Select the Program Full menu option.

  6. Select the Calibration file included with your AutoCal device (eg. “LML SOTF PO#21789.ctz”)

  7. Vehicle will begin uploading tune file to vehicle, please follow the steps on the AutoCal as you may be required to cycle the ignition on/off during the programming process.

  8. Once the tune has completed programming, you may now safely remove your AutoCal device from the vehicle and confirm vehicle operation.



Make sure to "unplug" the intake air throttle valve" or it may stick closed and the truck

won't run right or REV up. the intake air throttle valve is located on the driver side

of the motor underneath the intake by the intercooler pipe. It can be complicated

to locate and "unplug" if you have never unplugged one before.

If you require a stock file for your truck, please email to request a stock tune file for your vehicle. Please provide the following when requesting a new file for your vehicle:


Complete VIN:


Transfer Case Type: Manual or SOTF

Fuel Tank (Single or Double):

Tire Size (GM or Chevrolet only):


**If all of the above is not provided we cannot process your request**

Cummins specific instructions:

Make sure to "unplug" the intake air throttle valve" or it may stick closed and the truck

won't run right or REV up. the intake air throttle valve is located on the driver side

of the motor underneath the intake by the intercooler pipe. It can be complicated

to locate and "unplug" if you have never unplugged one before.

Duramax specific instructions:

Make sure to "unplug" the intake air throttle valve on all trucks before Tuning or

the intake air throttle valve will stick and cause the motor not to run right

or rev-up. The intake air throttle valve is located on the "passenger" side of the

motor underneath the hood to the left of the Alternator.

Also for the LML 11-16 trucks make sure to unplug "both" EGR Valves. One is on the

the driver side and the other is on the passenger side of the Engine.

unplug the intake air throttle valve also. Failure to do so can cause the truck to

not run right or rev-up.

Please click here for SOTF DSP/CSP switch installation instructions.

Please click here for instructions on loading tunes onto your AutoCal device.

Please see this link:

Plug in the switch. It will start by blinking the firmware version number, a series of long and short blinks. Turn the key on and change the tune and it will blink the tune it just set.  Test all the positions, if it correctly blinks the tune number in each position, than it’s working perfectly. If it doesn’t work in position five or in positions 3-5, you most likely only have two or four tunes and should follow the directions for moving the tabbed washer. Once you’ve determined it’s working, you should finish installing it.

Unless you have a mounting bracket, installing the switch requires the drilling of two holes, one small and one large. If you don’t want to drill the second hole, you may cut off the anti-rotation pin so you don’t need the small hole.

After routing wire and before installing switch, please use included tie wrap to secure black jacket of the cable to the switch using the small slot in the corner of the PCB. This prevents wires from getting pulled out of the connector or the connector getting pulled free.

Your switch has a nut and two washers. The smooth washer must remain on the bottom with the tab located in hole number five*. If it falls out, turn the switch fully counter clockwise and place the washer back with the pin in hole number five. Make sure the switch moves exactly four clicks clockwise. If not, turn the switch back fully counterclockwise, move the pin, and try again.

*If you have a CSP2 or CSP4 tune, follow the instructions in the previous paragraph but place the tab in hole number two or four, instead of hole number five.

For 2018+ and if you use EFILive®, you will also need a Cummins Bypass Cable to flash (and to use the CSP5 switch). And, you MAY also need it for MM3, Smarty & RME if the security module fails.

Duramax DSP5 SOTF Switch Installation Instructions

The switch will have two wires with pre-crimped pins, it does not matter which colored wire goes into which pin as long as you use the two pins listed below.  Your ECM is located in the engine bay, you will need to run the wires from the ECM connector through the firewall into the cabin to the location you will be mounting the switch. 


2001-2004 LB7: Blue ECM ConnectorPin # 49 & pin # 69


2004.5-2005 LLY: ECM connector labeled J3Pin # 32 & pin # 50


2006-2010 LBZ/LMM: ECM connector #1 (The bigger of the two)Pin # 46 & pin # 54

2011-2016 LML: Gray ECM connector J3Pin # 11 & pin # 35


After you've installed the pins into the correct connector location, plug the connector back in and turn the ignition to ON. Press the small white test button on the back of the switch, if one of the LEDs light up you likely have the pins in the correct location.  If none of the LEDs light up you should check your wiring. 


The DSP5 switch has one nut and two washers, the smooth washer is to remain on the bottom with the tab located in hole #5.  If it falls out, turn the switch fully to the left (counter clockwise) and place the washer with the pin into hole #5.  Make sure the switch moves exactly 4 positions to the right (clockwise), if not loosen the nut and reposition the pin.


Please note:

  • Do not cut a pin off a wire and ground it
  • Loosen the set screw before installing the knob onto the switch
  • Note: square or rectangular pins only go in one way, don't force it. If it's not going in it's likely not orientated the correct way.

Mini Maxx released the version 2 tuner this past summer of 2022.   This new tuner does not use the same hardware or software as version 1.  The information given for the V1 does not always apply to the V2. 

The number one question we receive is about the V2 not asking if the emissions systems are present or removed, this is because the V2 does not have an option for running emissions systems, it is for off-road use only.

Due to software updates done at the dealership sometimes, there is a discrepancy between the number in the ECU and the numbers in the Mini Maxx tuner.  This issue is responsible for nearly 100% of the tech support inquiries we get for this tuner.

If your tuner shows "Unrecognized Part number" when you install your tuner:

  1. Write down the file that is missing. 
  2. Remove the SD card from the side of the tuner and put it into the provided adapter
  3. Plug the SD card adapter into a USB port of your computer, open the SD card drive in your windows explorer and find the correct folder that your truck is listed under (see below for which folder is for your model year below)
  4. Find a file that is close to the one displayed in the error message, right-click the file that closest matches, and click on "copy".  Then right-click an empty spot in the folder and click on "paste"
  5. You now have a file that is named XXXXXX-Copy.MM.  Right-click this file and click on "rename".  Rename that file to exactly what the error message listed as the unrecognized part number
  6. Take the SD card out of the USB adapter, insert it back into the mini maxx and try to flash the truck again.

So for instance, if you were missing file FC20BLK.MM try looking for FC20BL.MM or FC20BJ.MM, copy that file, paste it, and rename it FC20BLK.MM

*If the file it's asking for starts with "SPRA" (ie SPRA020.MM) that indicates that the PCM is currently locked from a previous Spartan branded tuner.  You will not be able to modify the PCM until you remove the Spartan tune file.  If you are unable to unlock the PCM with the original Spartan tuner, you will need to have a dealership flash your truck back to stock before you can load any other tunes on it.* 

To find the right folder see the information below:

For 2011-2012 model Fords: "FORD67"For 2013-2014 model Fords: "FORD13"For 2015-2016 model Fords: "FORD15" 

The fix listed above has had a 99% success rate, the handful of times this didn't work the solution was to follow these steps but then select a different year of truck.  For example, if you have a 2015 model year and after creating the correct file in the FORD15 folder it still gives you the unrecognized part number error, press the Menu button, Change Vehicle and select a 2016 Ford instead of selecting the 2015 Ford.

Between these two fixes we have a 100% success rate fixing the unrecognized part number error.

The Mini Maxx has an optional Transmission Tuning feature for the RAM 48RFE & 68RFE automatic transmissions.  This can be purchased with the tuner or after the fact.  The unlock code is specific for your VIN, we require the last 6 digits before we can order the unlock code.

Once you receive your unlock code you will input this during the PCM flashing process, the tuner will ask whether you have this code. 

The Mini Maxx comes pre-loaded with canned tunes for both on-road emissions-installed trucks as well as off-road emissions-deleted trucks.

To run the emissions-delete tunes you will need to remove the DPF/DEF systems from the exhaust.  The EGR system will be disabled with the delete-tunes and it is optional to remove the EGR system using a full delete kit. 

The DEF system can be fully removed with the delete-tunes and the sensors can all be unplugged.  We recommend taping up the connectors to save them from corrosion.  The catalytic converter can also be removed when running the delete-tunes.

Vehicle specific tips:

-2007.5-2009 RAM Cummins 6.7L--If you are not installing an EGR delete kit you will need to unplug everything associated with the EGR system.  There are 3 EGT sensors, one NOx sensor, one pressure sensor, and one DEF urea injector. 

-2010-2012 RAM Cummins 6.7L--If you are not installing an EGR delete kit you can leave everything related to the EGR system plugged in. 

-2011-2012 RAM Cummins 6.7 Cab & Chassis--These trucks have a DEF urea injection system that has to be unplugged or you can fully remove the DEF system. Not unplugging (or removing) your urea injection system will result in a dash warning message or Check-Engine-Light

-2008-2010 Powerstroke 6.4L--All exhaust sensors will need to be unplugged but the EGR system can be left as is, or fully deleted. 

-2011-2014 Powerstroke 6.7L--If you are not removing the EGR system you will need to unplug all sensors related to the EGR system in the engine bay or damage to the EGR system will occur. 

-2015-2016 Powerstroke 6.7L--Some late-production 2015 and 2016 model year Ford trucks will throw a Check-Engine-Light for the crankcase ventilation sensor, this will not cause any drivability issues but will keep the CEL light on your dash. 

-2007-2010 Duramax--Some Duramax trucks will throw error codes 312 & 316 when installing the Mini Maxx.

Error 312: If you get error 312 go into the Menu and scroll down to Show Settings and enter that submenu, once on the Show Settings screen hold down the bottom left button for 10-15 seconds until you hear a beep, and a new screen will pop up, enter 0468 into this screen and select "Reset".  After it restarts go directly into the Menu and select "Install Download", do NOT re-select the vehicle before doing this step. 

Error 316: If you get code 316 this indicated that the Mini Maxx is unable to communicate with the truck's PCM, there can be a few different causes of this.

1) The truck had been previously been tuned and that previous tuner locked the PCM.  If this happens you will first need to have the truck flashed back to stock by the dealer before another tune can be installed. 

2) Bad HDMI cable, this can easily be tested by using another HDMI cable between the OBD box and tuner to rule out a faulty HDMI cable

3) Broken OBD connector/block/harness.  The first thing to do is take a flashlight and shine it into the OBD port looking for any corrosion, bent, or broken pins.  You will need to inspect both sides of the connector, front and back.   If the OBD port checks out, inspect the Mini Maxx OBD block/harness for any damaged, bent, or missing pins.  

-2015-2016 Duramax

Error 0 missing C1300I.15D - This is a file that was missing on the first batches of Mini Maxx V2 tuners.  If you are having this issue you can email

The 2018+ RAM PCMs are heavily locked by Chrysler, to use the Mini Maxx V2 you will require an additional item, part number 42215.  If you purchase the tuner from our site you will be given the ability so select "18-21 RAM" as the application and we will include this cable.  

If you need the cable, you can purchase it HERE

Instructions for this cable can be found HERE

When you receive your tuner and bypass cable you will notice you have the same OBD block in the 42215 box that came with the Mini Maxx.  You will not need to use the OBD cable that came in the Mini Maxx box, you will ONLY use the OBD box that came in the 42215 kit, you can distinguish the difference by the red stripe.  The cable with the red stripe is the bypass cable needed on the 2018+ RAMs.  

The second cable in the 42215 box has a 2-pin connector on one end and a USB Mini-B connector on the other end.  Connect the USB side into the side of the OBD block, the 2-pin connector will plug into the green STAR connector located under the steering column, behind the dashboard.  

Some trucks have multiple green connectors, if yours does, use the green connector that is closest to the rear of the truck, furthest from the engine.   We suggest using the 5th port counting down from the top.


For these vehicles, you can either purchase a bench flash or a flash tuner.  Both options require a degree of mechanical knowledge, the bench flash requires physical work to remove and replace the ECM, and the flash tuner requires technical knowledge to extract and load calibrations using a windows-based laptop. 

Many consider the bench flash the easiest option, it requires you to be able to remove and install the ECM.  This option involves physical mechanical skills but does not require much technical knowledge.

The flash tuner does not require physical mechanical skills but does require technical computer skills.  You will not need to do anything under the hood but will need a laptop, an understanding of software, and extreme care to follow the steps exactly or you could cause serious issues. 

Bench Flash

The bench-flash process will involve you removing the engine computer or ECM/PCM and shipping it to our warehouse.  Once we receive it, we will flash it for the modifications and ship it back with express shipping.  Once you get the ECM back you will just need to install it.  This whole process can take roughly 4-11 from you shipping your ECM to receiving it back.  (2-5 days for it to arrive to us, 1-3 days for us to tune it, 1-3 days for it to arrive back to you)

Flash Tuner

If you purchase the flash tuner option we will ship you a flashing unit, you will need to download the software onto a laptop and connect the device between your laptop and the vehicle's OBD port.  You will then extract a copy of the factory calibration and email it to us.  We will modify the calibration and email it back to you.  You will then need to load the file onto the vehicle.  

We cannot walk you through these steps over the phone but we do include detailed instructions that can easily be followed by the type of customers that would make these purchases.  If you are not fully comfortable doing either of these options, you will need to have a trained technitian take care of the work for you. 

You can download the program by clicking here and saving the file to your windows-based computer. 

You can find the Black Bandit instructions here

The 2017+ Duramax L5P Pickup trucks require:

  • The ECM to be unlocked, or a new year-specific unlocked ECM to be purchased
  • HP Tuners MPVI3 OBD Device
  • 8 Tuning Credits
  • A year-specific CAN plug kit
  • A DPF-delete pipe, or full delete-exhaust
  • The EGR to be unplugged or removed ideally
  • A Tune package

We have all of these items bundled HERE

Once we receive your order we will need the following information to create your tune:

  • VIN:
  • Fuel Tank (Single or Dual):
  • Rear Axle (Single or Dual Rear Wheel:
  • Drivetrain (2WD or 4WD):
  • Tire Size:

We will ship out the bundle and once you receive it you will need to follow these instructions:L5P E41 ECM Installation

After you complete the ECM replacement in the document above, you will take a stock read file from the new PCM.  You will use VCM Editor to read the vehicle, select ECM only, do not read the TCM, then "read entire" and save the file.

 Once you get the file from the new PCM saved you can email it to us and put your factory ECM back in to drive the truck.  Once we send you the modified tune file, you can load it using VCM Editor and then proceed to remove the DPF/DEF/EGR systems. 

It will take 1-2 business days from receiving your base file to the time we send you the modified file back. 


How to remove ECM

Everything you need to know about HP Tuner's ECM 

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